Progress.  That’s what it is.  The minute I smell sawdust, I know that one of my dreams, goals or nesting ambitions is coming to fruition.  Hammers pounding, the posting of building permits and the appearance of JULIE flags all have the same effect… good things are coming to my living space.

As I write this from my home office, I’m surrounded by the comforting sounds of the clanks and clunks of fencing materials being off-loaded from a truck and the soothing buzz of power tools. We are saying good-bye to our time-worn, warped chain-link fence and having an aluminum fence installed in its place. That’s progress.

I met our fencing contractor a few years back, here at The Old House New House Home Show.  It took a while for that project to gain enough momentum and prominence to cut through the must-do, required maintenance and structural repair typical homeownership requires.

Our window of opportunity came this summer and the upgrade is underway.  One small change this is… but an impactful improvement for my view from the kitchen sink while I wash dishes, our family dinners when we sit outside to eat on the patio and my garden as I putter and plant. Ultimately, I enjoy these spaces differently because of these enhancements.

Working on The Old House New House Home Show, I am lucky to interact with so many talented trade experts, accomplished designers, creative contractors and skilled craftsmen.  I’ve learned that having the idea for a home improvement is one thing… actually putting the wheels in motion to execute that plan is another.

That’s where this event comes in.  The Old House New House Home Show not only showcases the latest in home improvements, but it also features the superstars who can initiate the make-overs, upgrades, remodels and renovations.

Their talents and skills fuel the transformations we soak up as homeowners.  They are the superheroes… able to transform spaces in our homes in a single bound… able to forge on against the forces of time, weather, damage and outdated style trends… able to change the way we enjoy and utilize our homes by supercharging our surroundings.  These participating exhibitors are the champions of progress.

Laura McNamara is The Old House New House Home Show Event Producer and has been an employee at Kennedy Productions since 1992.  She lives in the western suburbs with her husband, daughter and son… where she is lovingly fixing up her older home, one project at a time.