Building with History – Brick by Brick

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Stockyards Brick Company was founded in the fall of 2013.  Located in the famous Chicago stockyards district, we have continual access to some of the city’s most desired salvageable materials.  Working with excavating, salvage and demolition companies, along with our own knowledgeable staff, we have made recycling, repurposing and the resurrection of these valuable resources possible.

We reclaim vintage brick and other materials from structures scheduled for demolition throughout the Midwest.  We are able to salvage brick, stone, granite and limestone along with vintage lumber and other architectural artifacts.  From procurement of a building to deconstruction to regeneration of materials, we go to great lengths to ensure that the “bones” of these beautiful old buildings have an extended life as today’s design elements.

Following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which destroyed over three miles of the city, reconstruction efforts began promptly and efficiently.  Architects and city leaders laid the foundation for the “great rebuilding” and regulations required new construction to be manufactured primarily of brick and stone.  Much of our vintage brick has been extracted from that rebirth era.

Old street pavers are another specialty of ours.  With character and charm from the “horse and buggy” days of nearly a century ago to today’s welcoming walkways, driveways, garden walls, fence columns and of course patios, old brick in a garden creates an environment of natural serenity.  Reclaimed clay pavers are typically brownish red to red, dark red to maroon in color.  Vintage granite pavers are available in hues from grey to pink to red.  Chosen not only for landscape design, old street pavers and vintage granite pavers have become a popular selection for new home construction, resulting in a residence that is totally unmatched in uniqueness and appeal. Vintage pavers provide an exceptional patina and proven durability.

From single family homes to exclusive estates, old brick provides unsurpassed beauty and an image of unmatched individuality resulting from the random blend of colors and hues that are a natural result of utilizing reclaimed brick.  From buff to beige to tan, pink to dark pink, orange and red you can select the color range of your preference and know that your home will be warm, inviting and unique.  One appeal of using Chicago brick is the unique pink shade.  These bricks, which are no longer made, were called “Chicago Pinks” and used from the 1850’s to the early 1940’s.

Along with exterior use, utilizing old brick in the interior of the home is very popular.  Exposed brick is the one element that enhances the appeal of a loft, providing the perfect backdrop for artwork, photographs and custom design work.  The use of antique brick is usually the very first choice when selecting material for a fireplace application.  Choosing old brick to compliment the use of more contemporary material in designing today’s “open kitchen” concept provides the highly sought after welcoming appeal that homeowners desire.

The advantages and rewards of utilizing rescued materials are numerous.  From old brick and street pavers, reclaimed lumber and timbers to reclaimed architectural treasures, once destined for the landfill are resurrected and given new life, fulfilling a commitment to the planet and gifting homeowners, designers and builders with extraordinary materials.

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