A Behind the Scenes Look with Bath Crasher, Matt Muenster.

A licensed contractor and accomplished designer, Matt Muenster hosts the popular program Bath Crashers on the DIY Network and HGTV.  From demolition to design, Matt brings his smart style and fresh approach to each job site.  A native of Wisconsin, he holds a degree in Interior Design from University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Currently, Matt lives in Minnesota with his wife and son.

How many bathrooms have you remodeled in your career as the host of Bath Crashers?

It’s somewhere around 225 over the past 7 years or so.

What three words describe the Matt Muenster interior design style?

Clean. Crisp. Uncluttered.

Beige or bold?  What’s your opinion on use of color in interior design and decorating?

Both. I don’t like beige, but a cool grey is more on point. Punches of color come with textures or elements you bring into a space.

Can you share any influences on your interior design style?

My style is more contemporary. Atomic Ranch-esque. Mid Century masters like Saarinen. Van Der Rohe. Ralph Rapson.

What is the best thing about growing up on a farm?

The freedom to play using my imagination. Rearranging hay bales in the barn into a fort. No video games back then – so it was make up your own fun or die of boredom.

Does that upbringing trickle into your style?  Does it influence your work ethic?

It completely influences my work ethic – it was a hobby farm so we did all the work as a family.

What values do you bring to the job site?

My philosophy is to do the work up front. Plan your work well. Then work your plan well. Do quality work no matter what you’re doing.

Does your family have the handy, home improvement gene?  Has your family undertaken projects together in your own home?  Does your son like to help you?

We tackle projects quite often and collaborate on the design – but it usually ends up being me who cranks out a lot of it. My son will be 10 this fall and the older he gets, the more I fantasize about working together with him. He’s my buddy. Makes everything better when I’m with him.

What are the best tunes to jam when embarking on a home improvement project?

I mix it up. Pandora and Sonos speakers are blaring almost all the time. The National. Sufjan Stevens. Bon Iver. Throw in some throwback hip-hop and it makes for a good variety in the day.

Can you tell us about any standout favorite projects in your career as a designer and contractor?

There are always some that stick out. A wall clad with barnwood that we burnt a silhouette of a tree into is still one of my all time favorites.

Have you had to survive any crazy Bath Crashers catastrophes?  How do you overcome challenges on the job sites?  Do the cameras intensify the situation… or do you get used to that with time?

We’ve been really lucky on the injury/catastrophe front. Challenges in the build arise, but they’re usually my favorite part – it’s a chance to design and troubleshoot on the fly – which I really love to do. Cameras don’t really intensify anything for me at this point… The guys holding the cams are some of my best friends. Half the time, they’re helping me out!

What’s your favorite room in your house?

It’s actually outside my house. We have a courtyard in the center of our house that we just re-did. I love it. Outdoor sectional, ottoman, water feature. It’s awesome.

How snazzy are your bathrooms, as the Bathroom Crasher?

Haven’t touched them. The cobblers kids go barefoot. I get the irony and will get to them soon.

Matt will be appearing at The Old House New House Home Show on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 at 1:00 pm.  To learn more about Matt Muenster, visit www.mattmuenster.com.