Carpenter, Craftsman and Talented Artisan, Clint Harp Shares a Glimpse Into The Life He Is Building

Well-known for his involvement in HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines, Clint Harp has had a winding path to stardom. With a love of woodworking in his heart, instilled from Grandfather Verner, along with tools of the trades he picked up along the way, Clint Harp is constructing an admirable adventure. With a new TV show, “Wood Work” on DIY Network, his book “Handcrafted” and his much loved Harp Design Co., Clint is busy creating… just what he loves to do. Kennedy Productions is thrilled to welcome Clint Harp to The Old House New House Home Show as part of the “Handcrafted” book tour. Clint took a minute out of his hectic schedule to share a behind-the-scenes look at some of the experiences that have shaped the life he’s crafting.

Is there a mentor that stands out in your life? What lessons did you learn from him?

My mentor, Paul, in Houston is most definitely one of the most influential people in my life. I met him at a time when I felt 100% sure that I was totally miserable doing what I was doing every day. After meeting with him for 2 years, I quit my job and went for my dream. But that wasn’t Paul’s goal. He didn’t care if I quit my job or not. What he cared about was seeing me be the most honest version of myself that there is. There was a lot of work that went into that process and I am absolutely better for it.

Meet Clint Harp at Old House New House Home ShowYou are well known for building beautiful, hand-crafted tables. Why tables? What does that symbolize to you?

I have loved beautiful tables for quite a while. I’ve just loved tables in general really. I love that tables are there to bring us together. When you agree to sit down at a table with other people, you agree to a shared experience. It’s these shared experiences that bring us closer. In my book, “Handcrafted,” I wrote about how a table is built to stand up under the weight of family conflict and problems that need to be solved, and how a table will be there to support the work of a young student, or the creativity and love of a family sitting down together to make cookies. That’s why I make tables and my hope is that our tables will be the piece in a home that brings people closer.

What is your connection to Habitat for Humanity?

Years ago, my grandmother worked for President Jimmy Carter. Because of that connection I’ve always looked fondly upon the Carters and have felt proud of the work they do. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned how important their work is and I value it so much regardless of any personal connection. When Kelly and I had decided to move to Waco after I quit my job, I needed to do something until I found a shop. As if being told by my grandmother from the other side of the grave, I felt like I was supposed to go and volunteer with Habitat. So, I did! After volunteering with Habitat for four months, they ended up renting their abandoned 1600 square foot shop to me for $25/month. That shop was the launching place for our business here in Waco and I’ll be forever connected to Habitat for it!

Clint will be speaking at The Old House New House Home Show on Saturday, February 9th at 3 pm and Sunday, February 10th at noon. Following his presentations, Clint will meet and greet fans. For more information, visit